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Heavy Duty Number Lock for Cycle Helmet Bike and Luggage

Rs. 599.00 Rs. 799.00

Product Name: Heavy Duty Number Lock for Cycle Helmet Bike and Luggage

Package Contains: 1 piece

Color: Color as per available

Material: Other

Combo: Pack of 1

Weight: 400 gms

L-B-H= 10*10*4

Good Performance Cable: Flexible Steel Cables For Strong Cut Resistance And Pvc Coating Helps Prevent Scratching And Keeping More Durable. Multipurpose: Ideal For Bicycles, Skateboards, Gates & Fences, Grills & Lawnmowers, Sports Equipment, Tool Boxes & Ladders. Cable lock numbered lock with unique code attached to it to open it code can not be reset for security. Weight of cable lock 150 g. This is really useful locking your helmet with your bike, locking your cycle or motor cycle tyre your gas cylinder if it is outdoor your motor, water meter, gen-set, any external outdoor expensive equipments. Colour: Assorted Heavy chain not easy to cut and break It can lock bicycles, motor bikes, baby carts and many more Chain covered with plastic pipe cover to avoid and damage to object locked (like any scratches) Easy to use combination lock of 4 No for best security

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