Roposo Clout

Wire Clips Cable Protector(Black)

Rs. 568.00 Rs. 798.00

Wire Clips Cable Protector,10pack Cable Clips Desktop Cord Organizer,Cable Management, Wire Holder System, Multipurpose Silicone Adhesive Cord Hooks For TV Home, Office, Cubicle, Car, Desk Cable Protector (Black) Cable Protector  (Black)


Cable Holder and supporter for giving support and stance to all kind of cables. (e.g., wire cables). It is widely used in household, Offices, Hospitals and electrical departments along with their other accessories. Its design is very ease going and very handy in order to use it clearly without any problem or facing any disadvantage. It is made under the consideration of users concern, which makes this product or tool safe while using it for placing wire cables etc

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